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Pedorthic Shoes is the product of a consumer-drive movement to improve styling and choices in orthopedic shoes. Pedorthic shoes are designed to aid in healthy walking, standing, and playing. When one stops to realize that the foot is the foundation of our ability to move and it does this important task while bearing our weight, we realize that we should honor our feet, and protect them. The joints, bones and tendons can become injured and wear out. Improving styling for pedorthic shoes makes it easier for us maintain healthy feet for our lifetime and still enjoy a lifestyle that reflects our personal sense of style.

What makes a shoe truly healthy?

Many shoes proport to be "healthy," having only one or two aspects of pedorthic shoes. A truly therapeutic shoe addresses all of the shoe components to deliver a beneficial change in the gait of the wearer as its primary goal

What is pedorthic footwear?

    Pedorthic Footwear includes ...
  • Pedorthic Shoes (shoes with comprehensive therapeutic structure, often including extra depth)
  • Custom shoes
  • Orthotics
  • Orthopedic modifications to shoes
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