Boston Pedorthic is a by-appointment, treatment oriented facility, dedicated to improving foot function, comfort and performance -- one person at a time. Please visit for information.

We are located at 1929 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA  02135.  Please call ahead so that we can provide the service that you would need.  

This e-commerce shop addresses the need for our customers, many of whom travel great distances to see us, to purchase their shoes more conveniently. It is also an opportunity to present a focused selection of comfortable footwear to a larger audience. Please note that if you are experiencing difficult fitting conditions, there is no substitute for professional shoe fitting. Visit for a list of certified pedorthists in your area.

Pedorthics [peh-DOR-thix] is the design, manufacture, modification and fit of footwear to alleviate problems caused by disease, overuse, congenital condition or injury. The word “pedorthics” first appeared in medical dictionaries in 1980, although the field itself began to emerge in the late 1950’s, after World War II and an outbreak of polio created a need to address foot trauma through footwear.  -  The Pedorthic Footwear Association

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