Don Omar Concert in Vina del Mar

Don Omar won the musical competition in 2010, which is no small feat.  Vina del Mar is biggest music festival in all of South America.  This was a large venue with a moveable large stage and three smaller stages, the whole show televised across the continent.  I was thrilled to be a part of this musical festival as one of three horn players on alto saxophone.

Some of the tunes we played included:
  • Danza Kuduro
  • Dile
  • Hasta Abajo
Don Omar is a consummate performer.  The crowd was screaming continuously, especially when he girates like Elvis Presley and his pants appear to be loosening at his hip.  I enjoyed when Don Omar would come back to our section during a song and sing and rap directly to the horn players while we're playing our lines for him.  His band was big, with over ten musicians, including a DJ, three percussionists, guitar, bass, keyboard, three horns and two background singers.  Sometimes the occasional guest rapper would join, like Tego Calderon. 
Don Omar and Layla Angulo in Vina del Mar

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Vina Del Mar International Song Festival

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