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Theresia Sandals

An emphasis on fit,
your whole body benefits from wearing a Theresia sandal on your feet. Designed for the anatomy of the body from the bottom up, Theresia has been the mainstay of the finest retailers in women’s comfort footwear for years. 

Theresia Alice/Abby sandal lovers can enjoy a deep discount.

A recent interruption of imports into the U.S.provides you with an opportunity to own a Theresia at discounted prices.  

Sandals of this design and quality are in short supply and may not be available again in the United States.

We hope that Theresia will continue to provide the American market with their outstanding footwear in the near future. For now, Boston Pedorthic is proud to offer them to you while supplies last.   

Thank you!

Theresia Sandals

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Your Size

If you already wear Theresia, then you can enjoy the same great fit with Theresia shoes of different styles in the same size and width. 

Theresia shoes are available in U.S. sizes for length, running true to the Brannock measurement.  The “G” width can be described as a generous US medium.  Both “G” and “H” are made to fit snuggly on the heel, with comfortable toe room for healthy walking and maintenance of your foot health for years to come. 


Made in Germany following a long tradition of craftsmanship, these fine women’s shoes meet the highest standards of quality, from precise stitching to rich calfskin leathers in a wide variety of patterns and finishes.

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