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Wolky Shoes is a well-loved brand providing unique, fashion comfort.   Distinctive, upbeat styling delivers a look that stays current, but insiders feel Wolky’s dedication to foot health with every step. 
Anatomically constructed to keep your feet healthy, heel heights are moderate, minimizing pitch.  The innersoles and shoe construction provides all-day support.  Your pedorthist would approve of the ample toe-wiggling room and leather lining provides important moisture-wicking task while you go about your fabulous life. 

The fun begins when you select a style that meets your unique personality.  Appealing to a wide variety of personal styles, each collection has its own signature look.

Wolky shoes are designed in Holland and manufactured in Portugal and Mexico.  Wolky shoes in each collection are intended to fit similarly.   
The Collections includes Allegro, Desire, Express, Courage, Topaz, Divine, Cloggy, Tundra, River, Sapphire, Opera, Tao, Pure, Tulip for Women.


 ALLEGRO  Collection. 

From opera to office to OMG love your boots, look good without sacrificing comfort. 

The Allegro collection shares a slightly upturned toe and platform heels.  Use it for a contemporary, alluring look.  The secret of the comfort is in the slight platform profile.  The platform reduces the overall pitch of the shoe, and together with added cushion, lessons impact.  Moderate adjustability is inherent in each shoe, whether with tie, buckle or stretch.  Removable insoles.

  • Tempo is a mary-jane styled dress shoe with a split strap and buckle closure. 
  • Piccato is a two-toned, sophisticated slip-in -- great with slacks.
  • Cadenza is a hot number in an ankle boot.  Softest leather with a lace closure and an inside zip. 
  • Staccato is a full height boot with the same great profile.  Inside zip, decorative buckle and stretch goring. 
  • Presto is a slip in with goring at vamp
  • Fermata is a blucher oxford bootie
  • Marcato is a rusched bootie with self-tie

DESIRE  Collection 


Urban curvy wedge profile paired with signature upturned toes on top of lug soling combine for a young and fun.  Great colors in matte or crushed patent leather uppers.  Play it safe or choose a wine or bordo midland patent and call it the new brown.  Everyone can use more DESIRE.

The funky wedge platform heel absorbs shock, and provides stability.  Who would know that there’s super adjustability in this collection?  Insoles are not removable; they’re memory foam, and covered in leather to wick moisture. 

  • Ardor is a sandal that works as a dress shoe -- a full heel counter and wonderfully adjustable with two Velcro closures.
  • Aspire is a slip-in with double goring.
  • Dazzle is a mary-jane styled shoe with velcro closure
  • Hope is a tie bootie with industrial eyelets
  • Destiny is a zip bootie


SAPPHIRE Collection
Tech Outsole updates classic styling
  • Shani is a mary-jane styled shoe with velcro closure
  • Priya is a slip-in ladies pump with elasting goring at vamp
  • Rahu is a mary-jane styled shoe with elastic closure
  • Surya is a bal oxford walking shoe



COURAGE Collection 

Ath-leisure at play.  Technical outsoling wraps up toe and heel for the ultimate urban armour.  Removable insoles and playful colors.  Low heels get you in and out easily. 

  • Donna is a lace oxford Wolky shoe.
  • Florance is a T-strap with Velcro closure
  • Evita is a mary-janed style flat with Velcro closure
  • Diana is a tie bootie
  • Golda is tie-closure mid-calf length bootie
  • Jacky is a rusched mid-calf length boot
  • Marilyn is a full height rushed boot with buckle 


Melody  Collection 


Classic meets Vintage Vogue

… and they meet at heel --  head over heels in love.  When it comes to using your head, Wolky Shoes has thought a lot about avoiding excess pressure on the ball of the feet.  They do this by maintaining a moderate degree of pitch.  The Melody Collection has the same heel pitch as the Allegra Collection, but here it is more traditionally styled with a thin, sleek forefoot outersole and no platform.  Approximately 2 inch heel height.

  • Soprano is a mary-jane styled dress shoe with single strap velcro closure and decorative, self-covered buttons. 



TOPAZ  Collection 



Funky, Urban, Cool, Euro.  Look for the shared heel profile, playful appliqués, mild lug sole and removable insole.    

  • Mexico is a heeled clog in wrinkled patent with amoebae-like appliqués. 
  • Argentina is the same heeled mary-jane as the Brazil without the appliqué
  • Namibia is a T-strap bootie with appliqué-adorned strap, velcro closure and stretch goring
  • Corsica is a bootie with cuff and buckle



DIVINE  Collection 



DIVINELY SO.  Wear them every day as dressed-up casual for skirts or slacks.  Made for walking, you’ll smile when you remember they’re so delicate.  Low heels and removable insoles.  Orthotic-friendly, which is a useful asset to Wolky shoes.


  • Ballet is a slip on that has so much more support than its competitors.  The green and cabernet suedes are superb.
  • Charm is a slip on with goring on the vamp and contrast stitching.
  • Passion is an adjustable cross strap with velcro closure, often featuring contrast stitching.
  • Glory is a slip in bootie with turned cuff




CLOGGY  Collection 


A true clog contoured footbed allows for the natural motion and volume of the foot as it splays when it steps down in stride.  The Cloggy is equally comfortable for prolonged standing.   


The CLOGGY Collection overcomes two of the major shortcomings of many clogs.  These clogs do not 1) slip at the heel because they have a padded sling back and a supple, rubber heel cup, and they are not 2) floppy at the forefoot because this motion is countered by a forefoot strap.  All models have velcro closure and a flexible PU outersole.  The innersole is memory foam, leather lined and non removable. 

  • Strap Cloggy is a stapled clog with contrast stitched detailing and perfs
  • Cloggy Sandal is a 3 way adjustable sandal on a true clog footbed.


OPERA Collection


Putting on the ritz masquerades all day comfort


TAO Collection


Almost a negative heel ...

  • Satori is a bal oxford flat

  • Marga is a mary-jane style flat


METRO  Collection 


Ever so useful, every day comfort, with slender, wedged heeling and a mild pitch.  Removable insoles are orthotic-friendly.

  • Moscow is a lace-tie ankle bootie. 

  • Roma is a monk strapped oxford with an adjustable velcro closure. 
    It replaces the Fancy.  A useful shoe with therapeutic orthotics.

  • Berlin is a wing tip slip in with flexible goring 


TUNDRA  Collection 


Rock steady on your feet all day long, whether it’s in the tundra or in the dungeon.   Inside zip.   A reliable, good fitter.

  • Alpine Plain Toe Bootie

  • LaBanda: Full length boot with decorative buckle at the ankle    

  • Tyler Pants Boot with decorative buckle at the ankle


RIVER Collection



Feel the earth with a lower heel height than the TUNDRA.

  • Bravo is a pants bootie with buckle
  • Pardo is a full length boot with rear, lace up closure
  • Tinto is a plain full length boot
  • Clive is a rusched mid-calf length boot with faux blucher opening



TULIP  Collection 


You know you’ve seen these sandals before.  If you’re lucky enough to wear them, you can’t count how many people have stopped you on the street, elevator, beach and asked, “those sandals look so comfortable!”  And you just grin, “yep!”  Mine are even better with custom foot orthotics, but that’s kind of like fresh whipped cream served over over hand-churned ice cream.  Have fun picking your flavor (color).   

  • Jewel Sandal is the most popular fashion comfort sandal with three-way Velcro adjustability.  It hides a nice, deep custom foot orthotic if you like.
  • Assen is a mary jane with Velcro closure.  It replaces the Ultrecht.
  • Nijmegen is a monk-strapped slip in with Velcro closure. 
  • Victoria is a closed shoe with velcro closure.
  • Blossom is a heeled clog.

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